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Agricultural partner

We’re a fast growing agricultural supplier, with clients that include small to large landowners, agri-contractors, landscapers and arborists. We support them with plant hire, skip hire, tool hire, access hire, transport, operated plant hire and earthworks packages.

Woldmarsh members

We particularly work with Woldmarsh members, to use us please: 1) Call us direct & we’ll get an order number for you from Woldmarsh, or, 2) Call Woldmarsh and ask for Lindum as the supplier.

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Plant Hire

Our core plant hires to farms and estates includes:

Mini-digger + dumper / roller hire.. to support your farm building works

Tractor & trailer hire.. complete with PTOs, to support your field work

Teleporters.. complete with forks, bale forks and/or buckets.. for moving things around the farm

Farmers’ waste, asbestos skips and stone

We receive waste from farm and agricultural customers, who use both our Skips & RoRo service, as well as drop off waste with us using your own vehicles (tractors and trailers etc.). Skips for asbestos removal is another popular service.

We have aggregate in stock, 6F5 and Type 1, ideal for your yards and haul roads.

Powered Access

Access is a big hit, as it’s the best, safest and quickest way to reach up high.

Our kit is typically used by our farm clients to reach windows, gutters, roofs and chimneys to do inspections, maintenance and repairs – whether on the family home, barns, high roofed sheds, or estate cottages.

It’s also used by electricians and machinery technicians to get to hard to reach lights and equipment.

Operated Hire / Package

Our operated hire work includes soil strip and stoned-up shed bases, as well as farm haul road maintenance, soil levelling and reservoir work.


We work with contractors to move kit around the region and county efficiently by road – including combine harvesters, tractors etc.

We have artic tractor units with bulk trailers available to help move food produce inc grain.

Please contact us to find out more about Woldmarsh ordering and our Agricultural services

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